OCEANSIDE, NY — As a new COVID-19 booster is now available offering double protection from Omicron strains, Dr. Aaron Glatt, chief of infectious diseases at Mount Sinai South Nassau in Oceanside, said not everyone should schedule the shot.
“I recommend that we individualize. I think we’re at the point with COVID that we shouldn’t be needing to do blanket public health statements,” Glatt said on Friday’s “Patch AM.”
He encourages those in high-risk groups not to wait to delay taking the latest booster shot.
“Let’s pick 50 at a good age to start. People who are older than 50 are at more risk,” Glatt said. “If you add to that people who have significant underlying medical conditions that, it puts them at higher risk for whatever decade of life that they’re in.”
The doctor said those people should get at a minimum of one booster.
As for these boosters becoming, like for influenza, an annual vaccination, Glatt said that’s possible.
“But, I think that will depend on whether the new variant strains of the virus come out to necessitate getting an additional, different booster,” he said.
Glatt also discussed the state’s emergency with polio after a positive case in Rockland County and samples in four counties’ wastewater, including Nassau.
“It’s not a serious problem from an individual point of view,” Glatt said. “If you’re fully vaccinated against polio, you have essentially nothing to really be worried about.”
Watch the full “Patch AM” interview with Dr. Glatt

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